LVCEA – New Star of the Bulgari Watches Collection


Bulgari captures the power of luminosity in LVCEA, a new timepiece for women. Tribute to the sundial, LVCEA winds history with modernity, clasping function to design. A rounded case, its lithe foundation, and a spectrum of shades and styles make LVCEA as luminously feminine as it is unmistakable.



Since the dawn of humankind, light has been the marker of time. To count the passage of hours, primeval man invented the sundial. Timekeeping instruments, such as the solar quadrants that formed the sundial, were first unearthed in Ancient Egypt, later in Ancient Greece and Rome. The sundial is forever wound with astronomy and the calendar, and this original form of timekeeping became indispensable – the predecessor to today’s precision. Light is fundamental to our very biological rhythms and wholly inextricable from time. Thus light inspired LVCEA’s essence, recounting the legend of the sundial.

LVCEA pays homage to the rich history that brought Bulgari to light – rooted in Ancient Roman and Greek tradition. Enlightened by such a past, Bulgari linked luce, the Italian for “light,” with lux in Latin to name its LVCEA Collection.

Throughout the centuries, light has also held powers in life and love. From simple photosynthesis, to the Bible story of Creation separating light from dark, to radiant Juliet, “the sun” to her Romeo…light symbolises rebirth, reinvention, planetary revolution. A celestial inspiration orbits LVCEA, reflecting the brilliance of the sun, moon, of Bvlgari.

Rounded, as a halo of light, LVCEA’s gleaming case encircles the passage of time. The symbol of unity, the case’s circle draws the unending connection between past and present. Classic aesthetic yields contemporary chic – timeless LVCEA reveres today’s Bulgari goddess.

Bulgari, renowned for exquisite jewellery making, sets a lucent gemstone into the crown of every LVCEA creation. Highlighted with cabochon cut in noble purple, this twist on winding a watch adds the classic dash of Bulgari audacity. Dressing the crown sits an exquisite diamond, a sparkling reminder of the spiritual beauty of woman.

LVCEA’s gleaming band takes inspiration from an iconic Bulgari collection, Serpenti. The scales of the bracelet coil into an architectural geometry of polished metals. Each link of the band melds in a seamless conjugation of unity. With Bulgari’s trademark sense of volume, the powerful lines of the band balance the voluptuously round case. These opposites are reconciled in a harmonic combination of circle and line, resonating the fascinating complexity of contemporary woman – the face of strength, grace, sensuality and power.


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