TOD’S Dots of Life

Sean Lau Ching WanNick Cheung Ka Fai

Mariano Di Vaio at backdropJennifer Tse

Kathy ChowAna R

Janet MaQiqi

Jocelyn SandstromCara G

Amanda SHilary Tsui


Hong Kong, 10th September, 2014 – Tod’s hosted the first event worldwide for the Dots of Life event, in celebration of the brand’s iconic Gommino at the Landmark Atrium. The event has drawn attendance from regional trendsetter, including Sean Lau Ching Wan, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Jennifer Tse, Hilary Tsui, Kathy Chow, Qiqi, Janet Ma, Amanda S, Cara G, Jocelyn Sandstrom, Ana R and top bloggers and fashion photographers including Mariano Di Vaio (Mariano is one of the top, the most popular international blogger, with 2.1 million followers on instagram), Lawrence Liu, Little Miss shopaholic, Gabagelapsasp and The Shanghai Express.

The enthusiastic crowd enjoyed their evening with the beautiful display of printed portraits of these influencers around the world and of course, with the setting of the house’s iconic gommino. An Italian artisan has specially flown in for the event to demonstrate the making of the shoe, to emphasis on the sign of craftsmanship that are Made in Italy.

Gommino fans who are keen to be part of the program, can upload their images onto instagram, using #todsgommino and #dotsoflife or directly onto Tod’s official webpage for official selection.

The Dots of life exhibition is open to the public from September 11 – 13th 2014 at Landmark Atrium.


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