J. Mendel Spring 2015 Collection in New York Fashion Week

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J. Mendel Spring 2015 Runway Collection

New York, New York  – September 11, 2014  –  For  Spring 2015 , designer Gilles Mendel has collaborated with artist, Enoc Perez, on the creation of J. Mendel’s latest runway collection.

The idea for the collaboration came about in early 2013, when Mendel and Perez – friends for some time – were working together on their book, “Gilles Mendel by Enoc Perez”, a series of collages by Perez that riffed on images drawn from the world of Mendel. Struck by the commonality in their work – the role of texture and color-play, a mutual obsession with architecture, the co-existence of sensuality and strength – they were inspired to push the collaborative experience further still, not just to illuminate the point at which their respective spheres intersected, but, in the words of Gilles Mendel, “to bring my world and Enoc’s world into a new space.”

Taking a series of Perez’s distinctive paintings of architectural structures as their conceptual starting point, Mendel and Perez worked together with some of the finest European mills to develop highly textural couture fabrications that would reference the original images. The resulting materials – ultra refined even by J. Mendel standards – go beyond representations of color and print to capture the quality and feeling of Enoc Perez’s application of paint and metallic leaf.

“The process of collaborating with Enoc on my spring collection was an enormously inspiring one,” said Gilles Mendel, J. Mendel creative director and fifth-generation member of the Mendel family. “Having worked together before, this felt like a natural progression in an ongoing creative conversation, a question-and-answer. With the book, Enoc came into my world, captured images he related to, and then translated them through his own artistic expression. With this, we reversed it by taking Enoc’s work and reinterpreting it into clothing, which is my language. The challenge, ultimately, was to make everything very wearable, light, and feminine, despite the intense craftsmanship, and not oppressively literal.”

“It’s interesting to work with another artist who happens to work in a different medium,” said Enoc Perez. “There are similar problems that all artists have to solve in their respective mediums in order to bring forth a clear vision of their ideas. Gilles and I have very similar sensibilities – we are both architecture groupies with a like-minded palette, and we both love the female form.  We both want our art to become one coherent voice in the language of fashion. It feels good to face creative challenges with another artist. It makes your solitude less big.”

J. Mendel’s Spring 2015 collection will be unveiled during New York Fashion Week on Thursday, September 11, at the Theater at Lincoln Center.



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