Hermes Creates an Engaging Installation – Coup de Theatre

1 - Arceau Marqueterie de Paille

3 - Arceau Le temps suspendu 38mm

6 - Arceau Lift


Hermes Creates an Engaging Installation – Coup de Theatre at T Galleria Macau by DFS, Shoppes at Four Seasons


September 19th, 2014, Hong Kong – La Montre Hermès, Hermès watch line, will be on display from 26th September to 31st October in the Interactive Zone of T Galleria Macau by DFS, Shoppes at Four Seasons, with display windows designed by idiosyncratic Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk.

Kiki van Eijk has designed a nomadic display-window decor concept, drawing her inspiration from her “Kiki World”, her poetic inner dream world. In line with DFS adventurous spirit, the display windows were inspired by travel: “I created an environment which invites spectators to take part in a fairytale-like voyage.” explained Van Eijk. “Enchanted by the decor, the spectator is like a child who sees something for the first time. It’s like the sort of surprises one has when travelling and exploring unknown territory.”

Within this installation, Hermès will exhibit exceptional watch pieces such as:  Arceau Tourbillon Lift, Arceau Marqueterie de Paille, Cape Cod Tonneau Snow Setting and Arceau Le temps suspendu.

Celebrating the traditional art of straw marquetry, a form of expertise that has become extremely rare, Arceau Marqueterie de Paille includes two watches using straw marquetry on the watch dial. This process calls for a highly complex miniaturization technique.

In order to demonstrate this noble and hand-crafted art, Hermès invites Ms. Agnès Paul-Depasse, an expert in the straw marquetry technique and a receiver of the UNESCO Award of Excellence, to the Interactive Zone of T Galleria Shoppes at Four Seasons. From 3rd to 5th of October customers will discover first-hand the art of straw marquetry as Ms. Paul Depasse demonstrates how Arceau Marqueterie de Paille watch dials are created.

This temporary installation will anticipate Masters of Time, a yearly event bringing the finest and most exclusive watches to T Galleria Macau, Shoppes at Four Seasons.


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