Biotherm Homme Eyecare Innovation: Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum

Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum_HK$480 (15ML)

In 2014, Biotherm Homme, world leader in premium men’s skincare, targets signs of aging in the priority eye zone with new Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum – to simultaneously lift wrinkles, reduce dark circles and deflate puffed-up eyes. Re-firmed and smoothed, the eyes look sharp again.

A Close-To-Skin Formula: Drawing on active ingredients -extracted from living waters- which demonstrate a powerful action in skin thanks to their shared biological characteristics.

A Deep-Penetrating Serum Texture: A deep-penetrating serum texture to maximize absorption, optimize skin affinity and target the signs of damaged skin.

A Resurfacing & Refirming Tri-Active Formula: blue Algae Extract + Pro-Xylanetm + Life Planktontm

Biotherm Homme Design – Cold Zamack Applicator: A cold zamack application system more precisely targets the eye area and helps to cool it down upon application for favouring an immediately anti-bags effect.

Instant Blurring of Lines: Lines and wrinkles are instantly blurred with the formula thanks to soft focus charges.

360° Effect On Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Puffiness After 4 Weeks: In 4 weeks, Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum repairs signs of aging, reducing the number, length and surface of wrinkles, fading dark circles and depuffing the zone. Features are rested. After 7 days, wrinkles look diminished for 92% of men.


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