Coach to Feature Next Generation of Artists in Coach Dreamers Campaign





Coach, Inc., a leading New York design house of modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections, today announced  the launch of “Coach Dreamers”, a campaign that features intimate portraits of intriguing artists who embody the spirit of the Coach brand – individual, authentic and innately cool.

The campaign was shot by Mikael Jansson, with styling by Karl Templer and art direction by Fabien Baron. It debuts this holiday with personal portraits of four Coach Dreamers: Zoë Kravitz, BANKS, Odeya Rush and Christopher Abbott.

Stuart Vevers, Creative Director of Coach, said, “The idea of the ‘American dream’ is relevant all around the world – independent spirits who lead their lives in an individual, unexpected way. The Coach Dreamers campaign offers a glimpse into the lives of four such souls. It captures the personality and attitude of the collection, as well as the people who will make it uniquely theirs: it celebrates cool, effortless ease, optimism and a sense of spontaneous freedom – all inspired by the spirit of Coach.”

The Coach Dreamers are passionate, creative individuals with original talent.  All four have a free-spirited attitude in keeping with the new vision for this iconic American brand. Zoë Kravitz, a founding member of the band LOLAWOLF, is a New Yorker, musician and actress who appeared most recently in the film Divergent. Los Angeles native BANKS is a singer and musician whose debut album was released on September 9. Odeya Rush is an Israeli-American actress most recently seen in the motion picture The Giver. Christopher Abbott has appeared in several critically acclaimed independent films, and as Charlie on HBO’s hit series Girls.  The Coach Dreamers campaign will continue in spring, featuring a growing cast of Dreamers representing their personal style.

Fabien Baron, President of Baron & Baron, Inc. said, “I think Stuart’s vision shines through in this campaign, this new generation of artists captures the energy of our times. He is setting a new pace, and it’s exciting. A new moment in time for Coach.”


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