MINI Swiss Watches First Launch

MINI Chronometer-05_HK_3,680MINI Chronometer-07_HK_3,680

MINI Classic Watch-80_38mm HK_1,980_45mm HK_2,280MINI Classic Watch-84_38mm HK_1,980_45mm HK_2,280

MINI Union Jack's 37_HK_2,380MINI Union Jack's 53_HK_2,380

The extraordinary world brand is now surging towards the world of watches. MINI was proud to announce the first launch of its Swiss Watch series in HK Watch and Clock Fair recently.

MINI Swiss Watches

Excitement is in the heart of MINI, always unconventional and full of ideas – pure lust for life. An original with a high recognition value and a distinctive while beautiful design that makes it stand out from the crowd. Now In heritage of the extraordinary design of MINI, the watches are made to be more unique and special, aiming to re‐define a trendy, superior and always joyful lifestyle.

To consumers who are looking for DNA of the brand, who are not only looking for a simple watch but a watch with stylish and trendy icon. Mini is the exact watch for them. ‘Swiss made’ MINI further authenticates the brand’s commitment to quality and finest craftsmanship. With various colors version, including the specially designed and perfectly matched ‘dial and strap’ concept as MINI car, and with particular styles, to couple with Union Jack’s and Checker’s dial concept, Mini watches determined to deliver a fashionable and irresistible icon to the valued and lovable customers.

MINI Chronometer Watch embraces with two‐tone specially stitched leather strap

The new Swiss watch series, is a large three laps timing models, Index at 3,6,9 position respectively for minutes, seconds, 1/10 seconds lap in two‐tone PVD Gunmetal 316L high quality Stainless Steel case in 45mm diameter, feeling neat and stylish; with the brightest ceramic treated colored dial, and two‐tone specially stitched leather strap in different color combination that adhere exactly as the original colors and icon of MINI car. Watches are made and assembled with quality Ronda quartz movement in Switzerland with finest craftsmanship and sold at an attractive and affordable retail. It is not hard to predict the brand and watches will set off a craze in the watch industry because of the new trendy carved totem.

MINI Classic Watch embraced with Red and White specially stitched leather strap

Watches engraved with red and white stripes are the MINI classic watch collection. With the original red and white original colors of MINI cars, coupled with ceramic treated colored dial, 316L high quality Stainless Steel casing, are undoubtedly neat and eye‐catching. The simplest things that issue the strongest sparkling and enchantment is what the philosophy of the brand and the watches. Cases are designed with 38mm diameter and 45mm diameter respectively in order to cater the needs and preferences of all walks and world MINI consumers, while reflecting originality and versatility of the brand vitality and lifestyle. Watches are also made and assembled with quality Ronda quartz movement in Switzerland with finest craftsmanship at an unbeatable retail.

Union Jack’s Series

Admittedly, Union Jack is another important feature for the MINI brand. British flag series watches are embraced with Union Jack on the ceramic treated colored dial with 316L stainless steel case in two‐tone PVD Gunmetal case (42mm and 45mm), full of sense and style. Besides the quality stitched leather strap, there also are the 316L stainless steel bracelet models that fit the needed customers. Unlike the ordinary pure stainless steel bracelet, bracelet of MINI watches is designed with black PVD central link which is more eye‐suction with uniqueness. Watches are manufactured and assembled with quality Ronda quartz movement in Switzerland with finest craftsmanship at an attractive retail, and is anticipated to build successfully the upcoming trend and icon, without forgiving the highlight of offering the best quality of products to pay tribute and honor to each loyalty and valuable brand customer.


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