TAG Heuer: When Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Jenson Button

Button and Ronaldo

Ronaldo 4

Ronaldo shooting balls in the McLaren



You wouldn’t believe what we saw on Sept 9, 2015 on a race track near Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo and Jenson Button dribbling, passing and shooting footballs… from behind the wheels of McLaren race-cars.

This unbelievably “extreme” sport became a mind-blowing reality when TAG Heuer turned the famous Circuito del Jarama into a gigantic football pitch. The two TAG Heuer boys had a total gas showing us, with great flair and at ridiculously high speeds, just what “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” really means. Drifts and co-driving experience for CR7; shots, donuts and slaloms for the Formula One champion. It was a super-charged, super-fun mix of two sporting worlds. Perhaps even the genesis of an entirely new sport. Carball, anyone? Foot-mula 1?

Jean-Claude Biver, their number one fan, was on hand to raise the checkered flag. “What an amazing day,” said Biver, who is the president of the LVMH Watch Division. “Cristiano Ronaldo and Jenson Button have incredible guts and drive. Don’t crack under pressure means something very powerful to them both. We definitely share a mindset.”

The location was a cool nod to the Jarama, a late-70’s Heuer chronograph, but the two TAG Heuer legends tracked times on the legendary Carrera caliber 1887 chronograph. While Ronaldo was driving the black car, Button was racing with the orange car. Cristiano proved as agile in the driver’s seat as he is on the field, shifting, accelerating, passing to Jenson’s front fender as it gunned down the wing, deftly turned on a dime and “kicked” the ball into the net.



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