Moncler Lunettes Slimo 2014 Collection




Tradition, innovation, performance. It was around these three pivotal design elements that Moncler Lunettes was established in 2013. The sunglass and spectacle collection is entirely faithful to the philosophy of the brand, an outstanding symbol of the down jacket, and to its history of technical and aesthetic revolutions.

Moncler Lunettes will be arriving at the Parisian appointment of Silmo (26-29 September) with a range of 12 new spectacles and 16 new sunglasses.

All the models are produced entirely in Italy and represent Moncler’s passion for experimentation, applied to contemporary designs with an approach that is elegantly retro.

The season sees four top-flight models, variations on the sunglasses, two unisex designs, and one for just women. These four frames manage to create the perfect and up-to-date re-definition of classic forms using a number of contrasting materials.

Titanium supports the acetate front, thereby creating a point of contact between the old style silhouette and cutting-edge technology. There is just one deliberate exception: the acetate-only frame created to emphasise the physical nature of the volumes.

The range of colours spanning grey, dark blue, brown, tortoiseshell and black sees the addition of vibrant hues ranging from red to green, ton sur ton with the lenses.

The logo on the arm is transformed into an element that defines the mood, thanks to the effects created combining the various havana glasses with the season’s most distinctive nuances.

Designed with urban use in mind, all Moncler Lunettes glasses can withstand the stresses and strains of a high altitude environment, just like the down jackets, for which transversal usage is always combined with fullyfledged functionality of the garments.



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