TATCHA 2014 KISSUI and KINHAKU Holiday Collection

KISSUI Rice Enzyme Powder Travel Trio_HK$350


KINHAKU Holiday Collection_HK$990

The holidays are a time to share joy and happiness. This season, indulge your loved ones with Tatcha’s limited-edition gift collections. Inspired by the traditional Japanese beauty rituals of the geisha, the KISSUI Rice Enzyme Powder Travel Trio and KINHAKU Holiday Collection are a perfect way to pamper someone special and give their skin a lasting glow.

KISSUI Rice Enzyme Powder Travel Trio: At the heart of TATCHA’s skincare ritual is the Rice Enzyme Powder, the true secret to the geisha’s luminous skin. TATCHA’s KISSUI Rice Enzyme Powder Travel Trio is a perfect gift for any skincare lover, featuring three different strengths to suit the skin’s varied and unique needs – Gentle for dryness or sensitivity, Classic to condition and balance skin and Deep for oily or active skin. The set comes packaged in an elegant cylinder made of washi paper. This creamy, water-activated enzyme powder effortlessly releases debris from skin, leaving it polished and baby soft in an instant. Optimally conditions skin to receive benefits of any treatment product used in conjunction with it.

KINHAKU Holiday Collection: For centuries, gold has symbolized the epitome of hospitality and luxury. TATCHA’s KINHAKU Holiday Collection, named after the word for “gold leaf” in Japanese, offers a curated collection of sophisticated and elegant skincare. The handmade kiri box, traditionally used to protect silk kimono and present gifts to honored friends, includes seven items from TATCHA’s geisha-inspired skincare ritual.



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