Oktoberfest at Happy Valley in Hong Kong


German Band - Notenhobler

Speed Drinking Contest (Team)


German-born chef Bruno Burg

Mark your calendar for the nights of 22 & 29 October and 12 November! Given the huge popularity of Happy Wednesday’s past Oktoberfest extravaganzas, we’re now putting the finishing touches on plans for this fall’s three liveliest beer-soaked party nights!

This year’s incredibly boisterous Bavarian parties will include top onstage entertainment, plus fiendishly challenging competitions for fantastic prizes! Bottoms up and be merry at the Happy Wednesdays!

Oktoberfest just wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without gallons of refreshingly crisp, cold beer from leading German and global beer brands, such as Paulaner, Lowenbrau and Erdinger. With 11 different brews to tempt you, you’ll have your hands full all night – literally!

In addition to cheering on your favourite runners and enjoying the superb onstage entertainment, fun-filled interactive games will be running trackside all night to make sure the excitement never wavers!



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