Atsuro Tayama SS 2015 Fashion Show in Paris








The European-style focused ATSURO TAYAMA collection is now turning the focus to the native root of the designer. Under the theme “JAPON", the 2015 S/S Collection shows the encapsulation of cultural and traditional elements of Japan that the brand holds dear.

Items with Japanese collars and sleeves are articulated around a strong Japanese back-bone, accented with modernized traditional yukata patterns and elegant embroideries resembling the iconic Japanese sport jacket (sukajan jacket). The Japanese kamishimo (sleeveless long jacket) and obi (belt) add a stylish flare to the collection without altering the concept of wearable looks of the season.

This season showcases also the Japanese concept of wa (harmony). Contrasting materials such as masculine fabrics and soft linen meshes are mixed together while slim and elongated high waists items juxtapose with voluminous balloon silhouettes, embodying the wa spirit through the combination of unmatched materials and silhouettes.

The Japanese image shown in the collection echoes with the influence Japanese art has on Europe’s Art Nouveau movement in the 1900s — the time when Japonisme brought a profound impact to the world. Today, it also lend itself to the connection between the new and old ATSURO TAYAMA collections. The designer’s journey to the root of his creation results in a modern reinterpretation of the wa spirit and a new “JAPON" collection inspired by strong Japanese culture and tradition.


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