MontBlanc Bohème Collection

Montblanc Boheme Perpetual Calendar

MontBlanc Bohème Perpetual Calendar Jewellery




MontBlanc Bohème Red Gold & Silver Collection



MontBlanc Bohème Blanche Fountain Pen

A collection of timepieces, jewellery and writing instruments sharing the same design elements and motifs, created for the contemporary woman who wants to express her femininity in the true Bohème spirit.

Created by Montblanc for the contemporary Bohème lady with her own, distinctive sense of style, the Bohème Collection encompasses refined timepieces, writing instruments and jewellery. The look across the various categories in this collection is carefully composed and subtly matched with all products expressing the same superb elegance in design and lightness of contemporary touch. The design of each piece is as confident, distinctive and feminine as the discerning women the designers and artisans at Montblanc had in mind when creating this collection.

The timepieces in this new family of products created by Montblanc’s master watchmakers and artisans are intended to share the company’s passion for fine watchmaking with sophisticated women and are centred on high complications married with an elegant, feminine appearance. With their self-winding calibre, special date displays or even the grand complication of a perpetual calendar these timepieces welcome a discerning female audience to the world of high-end fine watchmaking.

The extensive range of timepieces and jewellery in the Montblanc Bohème Collection allows women who are looking for originality and authenticity to mix and match items to create their own personal style for every occasion. With looks that are distinctive but skilfully coordinated and exploring common design themes, the earrings, bracelets and necklaces in silver with lacquer or pink gold with diamonds can be perfectly matched with the timepieces in the collection.

Similarly, fine textures and silhouettes are translated from one category to another. For example, the silhouette of the inner dial of the timepieces has been reinterpreted to create a delicate circular pendant. In the same way, the gently filigree wave pattern of one of the sophisticated rings matches the outer casing of a silver Guilloché writing instrument.


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