Arte AW 2014 Dark Allure Collection

Flow EarringsFlow Necklace


Flow Collection

Meteor Necklace


Meteor Collection


Thanks to unprecedented popularity of Dark Allure Collection debuted last year, ARTĒ Madrid has re-invented yet another collection that featured in the contrast of black and white, creating a sense of beguilingly beauty.

Inspired by “light in the dark”, the newest Dark Allure collection pays homage to a night sky. These lustrous jewels are transformed into a cosmic parade of stars, which shed light to the pitch black darkness of the galaxy. Pure black and white expresses a thrilling crescendo of one’s individuality, shedding the limelight in this year’s Autumn/Winter fashion collection. These jewels are designed to create different styles – retro, stylish and mysterious with miniscule effort. Thanks to the impeccable craftsmanship and ingenious use of black agates, ARTĒ created a progeny of collections that represent two distinctive styles while accentuating the magnetism of the colour black.

Flow Collection – Flow Collection seized the romantic moments as one gazes into the starry night sky and wanders into the galactic adventure. The Flow necklace represents a composition of three strips of beads in 714 black net-cut black agates, which shed subtle radiance and paints an infinite stretch of the Galaxy. The necklace is further ornamented with tightly wedged white round stones, which mimic a sea of stars in the night sky. The simple yet stylish design makes it a perfect accessory for any casual outfit or party dress that augments the wearer’s unique beauty. Collection includes a necklace and earrings.

Meteor Collection – Designer captured the moving scene as a meteor shower piercing through the dark sky and transformed into Meteor Collection. 147 round black agates are neatly arranged on the Meteor necklace to reminisce a dark sky of absolute solitude. The round, square and oval-shaped stones on the ring mimics a kaleidoscope of meteorites that lit up the sky and land, whilst exuding the elevated contrast of black and white. The necklace is then finished with delicate tassels, which add flair and flamboyance to this jewel. The length of this necklace can be adjusted to match any dress or outfit, creating an assortment of styles effortlessly.


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