Swatch Christmas 2014 Special


New Gent; 2014 XMasCollection; 1411 Seasons Special

I Automatic Skeleton; 2014 Winter; 1409 Let it ShineI Automatic Skeleton; 2014 Winter; 1409 Let it Shine

So now it’s time to unpack childhood confessions  – the pulling back of giftwrap trying desperately not to tear it, or secretly hoping aunty chose the bargain paper with its appealing see-through quality. The SWATCH 2014 Seasons Special, HOLIDAY TWIST (SUOZ709S), is an open invitation to countdown to the celebrations without any fear of the loaded seasonal accusation, “If you are not good….” Each one of the 14,999 pieces making up this numbered and limited edition reveals a secret symbol or color of holiday fun every day, through an Xmas tree shaped window on the dial. Peeking looks to be trending this season.

HOLIDAY TWIST is geared up for party-time, glamorously mirroring the fashion world’s current claim that gold is the new black. The dial is a glittery golden snowball, while the strap hosts more traditional small white snowballs falling against a romantic sparkly sky. Do you want to build a snowman? There is even a reminder to do just that as one of the symbols looking periodically through the Xmas tree window is one of these charming chaps – all dressed in pink to add his own twist. As he melts away after his 24-hour appearance, stars, bells, parcels and other iconic images of the season are waiting in the wings to do their spontaneous shifts in the spotlight. Maybe these symbols will even double as conversation ice-breakers on and around the dance-floor?

Confirming that a sneaky look inside is no longer a no-no, HOLIDAY TWIST comes in a special packaging scattered with cut-out Xmas trees to reveal a rich red, green and gold landscape beneath. Extra potential for being good is provided by a golden, three-dimensional Xmas tree on the box lid, which can be used to decorate the top of the real thing. What better example of “upcycling”? Probably trending just behind “peeking” according to the SWATCH festive forecasts.

So how many sleeps are left until the big day? That depends where on the planet you are celebrating, but if in doubt, ask a passing pink snowman!


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