Times Square Lilliputian Christmas 2014 in Hong Kong

TS Lilliputian Xmas_GF sim photo

TS Lilliputian Xmas_2F sim photo

Everyone should have dreamt of transforming themselves into Lilliputian, to stroll through the real world that evoking into dreamy and magical sceneries. This year, Times Square brings your dream into life, to let you become a Lilliputian, by taking you a ride on a Christmas ornaments to travel in a mountain of Christmas gifts boxes, and inviting you to an adventure inside the Christmas crystal balls. You will find yourself being part of the magnificent Christmas décor and illuminated with many Christmas joy and colors.

Stepping on the Christmas tone tartan AstroTurf at Times Square Open Piazza to start the Christmas adventure amid the forest of 28 natural grown Christmas tree (These Xmas trees will be turned into artistic creation after Christmas and will be sent as blessings during Chinese New Year). Take a walk along the twinkling Xmas trees, you will smell the fragranced air of pinewood scent sending by the 6meter height Christmas carousel windmill, bringing you the aroma of Christmas. 10,000 pieces of glinting gold ornaments packed with lots of little toys swinging on the Christmas trees, which will sure be taking you back to the happy time of childhood. Not to mention the Times Square Clock Tower with the Santa Claus’s hat is to greet you at the doorway, and welcome you to Pick an Ornament flying from the Xmas trees, where you could drive your way with your loved ones on the Ornament for 2 or for 4 , to a 7-meters high Christmas Gifts Mountain piled up by Santa , you will surely be delighted to see the twinkling starry night accompany with melodious Christmas songs.

Continue your journey to the atrium floor, you will find the big surprise from Santa who sends us three pieces of 7 m, 5 m and 4 m width Christmas crystal balls for the naughty and nice, each crystal balls have different themes: Christmas carousel, Boxing Day and Snowman love story, each are charm with a special message : sharing love, giving love and feeling love respectively . Amongst the 3 crystal balls, the 7m crystal ball allows you to go inside to take pictures in the fantastic Christmas world and make it one of your most memorable Xmases.

Experience the Lilliputian journey at Times Square, will sure enchanted you with love and dreams and wonder.



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