Hogan – Step Behind The Velvet Rope… Welcome to the Hogan Club!

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Hogan presents HOGAN CLUB – a place where visionary minds meet, fronted by an international group of rising stars whose creative careers are as inspiring as their personal style. HONG KONG, PARIS and LONDON appearing through a dimly lit haze in secret chic venues and inner sanctums of glamorous nightclubs across the globe, they make these exclusive ‘one-night-only’ bashes come alive with electric energy and a thrilling sense of after dark cool. Hong Kong is only one of three designated cities for HOGAN CLUB and this party was held at Tazmania Ballroom on 6th November 2014 at 9:30pm.

Young luminaries pay homage to an unconventional elegance through HOGAN’S sophisticated rock-chic mood and their own original takes on THE BRAND’S UNIQUE, EASY luxury. FASHION FILMAKERS, MOVIE STARS, SINGERS, SOUND DESIGNERS, BLOGGERS, FASHION WRITERS will all form the scene in COOLLY ELEGANT HOGAN’S. HOGAN has invited The Misshapes, the rock-chic musician band from New York, to Hogan CLUB HONG KONG as a special entertainment for the guests. Also, the designer of the collection, SIMON HOLLOWAY was in attendance.



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