TOM FORD FOR MEN Collection Launch in Hong Kong






Internationally-acclaimed fashion designer Mr. Tom Ford has been developing his own men’s grooming collection in recent years. With his aesthetic sense and personal skincare experience, his products have brought many delights and set men’s grooming as one of the criteria for success today. TOM FORD has specially chosen the stylish city of Hong Kong for its Asian premiere of the new grooming products for men. The event was held on 6 November at the Peak Suite of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, attended by celebrities in town including Harris Chan, Real Ting, Alan Mak, Kennis Tai, Jaime Ku, Albert Wong, Ben Ku, Carl Ng, Chelsea Chau, Jonathan Cheung, Dorian Ho, James Shing, Catherine Wong, Victoria Law, Karen Lam, Sharon Cheung and others to witness the launch of the all new TOM FORD FOR MEN collection.

TOM FORD BEAUTY has invited their beauty specialists to the event and let male guests experience the exceptional quality of the 8 new products of TOM FORD FOR MEN collection. All the guests were very satisfied with the lightweight texture of the products, which enhanced their charisma and radiance and displayed their fullest confidence.

TOM FORD BEAUTY has specially arranged a whiskey and fragrance pairing session during the event. With the unique scent of ebony from Private Blend Oud Collection paired with throat-scorching whiskey, it stimulated the sensations of every guest at the launch event.


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