Van Cleef & Arpels Celebrates An Enchanting Christmas




In this fairylike season, immerse your loved ones into the poetic world of luck and timepieces by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Indulge them with the dazzling Diamond Breeze collection, Limited Edition Vintage Alhambra pendant, Alhambra Pavée Small & Medium timepieces, Perlée couleurs, as well as the iconic Pierre Arpels Platine timepiece.

VCARB14300_Website_Product Sheet_Flowers_Socrate Earclips Small ModelVCARB67500_Website_Product Sheet_Flowers_Frivole Ring 2 flowers


The Diamond Breeze collection – Diamond Breeze is a selection of glittering creations adorned with white gold and exclusively with white diamonds. Their colors are in harmony with their evocation of a fairylike winter wonderland. Drawn from the Socrate, Fleurette and Frivole collections, these dazzlingly feminine pieces offer an enchanting vision of nature’s perfection, embellished by the whiteness and purity of their new presentation.
Diamond Breeze is a collection that celebrates white diamonds. For all its jewelry creations, Van Cleef & Arpels employs the most stringent criteria to select stones of the highest quality: DEF for color and IFVVS for clarity. The diamonds’ sparkle is magnified by intricate openwork settings that enable light to reflect on the stones. The angle of the petals, the three-dimensional volumes and the jewels’ asymmetry contribute to an impression of movement to pendants, necklaces, rings and earrings. White gold highlights the exceptional quality and sparkle of the white diamonds.

VCARO5SX00_Vintage Alhambra pendant, pink gold, grey mother-of-pearl, round diamond_456217

Limited edition Vintage Alhambra pendant – Ever since 1968, the Alhambra collection – a true Van Cleef & Arpels icon – has taken on a variety of elegant guises, with a rich palette of materials. For this fairylike moment, the Maison is bringing a touch of luck to the holiday season with this new, luminous and refined limited edition. First appeared in the Alhambra collection in 2001, the grey mother-of-pearl now lends its enchanting color and shimmering glow to this vintage Alhambra pendant. Organically produced from sea shells, mother-of-pearl is remarkable for its iridescent shades and ever-changing colors. With its pearly sheen it evokes femininity, gentleness and protection.


VCARO5M200_Perlée variation ring, yellow gold, malachite_632284VCARO63F00_Perlée variation ring, pink gold, carnelian_632287VCARO63G00_Perlée variation ring, white gold, turquoise_632280


Perlée couleurs – Perlée couleurs brings dazzling notes of color to the Perlée collection. Reigning majestically at the crown of a ring, malachite, tiger’s eye and onyx embellish the solar radiance of yellow gold – which also takes pride of place in an all gold model. The warm tone of carnelian complements the softness of pink gold to form a delicate harmony. Lastly, turquoise and white gold compose a luminous duet that blends gracefully with the Maison’s other
white gold creations.


Pierre Arpels Platine – An iconic timepiece from Van Cleef & Arpels, the Pierre Arpels watch takes on a very exclusive aspect in this brand new platinum version. The rare and unchanging metal forms an elegant contrast to the black lacquered dial, evoking the masculine dress code for the smartest receptions. The collection’s emblematic piqué motif, inspired by black-tie shirtfronts, appears within this perfect circle, while the slightly raised roman numerals, hour markers and hands stand out like strokes of light.


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