shu uemura TSUYA Skin Youthful Bouncy-fine Cream & Emulsion



TSUYA skin youthful bouncy-fine cream & emulsion – Bouncy-fine touch, dewy-glow look – upfill youthfulness to your peak

With age and external stresses, skin’s “inner cushion,” the key to plump and bouncy skin, weakens and becomes thinner. For example, think about how as we age skin feels less elastic – if you pinch or press your skin, the indent stays, rather than bouncing back.

New Bounce Complex formulated with Marron Extract and Royal Jelly, this powerful formulation densifies skin’s “inner cushion”, known as the extra-cellular matrix, to create a better environment to reactivate skin’s youth power switch. For bouncy-fine, smooth skin to the touch and a delicate dewy-glow look.

Results have been clinically proven to thicken the epidermis for more healthy-looking glowing skin with a bouncy-fine touch. Levels of Pro-collagen 1, which is essential for healthy, youthful-looking skin, were improved. The epidermal junction was also found to be better organized and the dermis more dense and supple, thanks to the enhanced synthesis of collagen and other fundamental skin components.

Since its debut in 2012, shu uemura’s TSUYA skin youthful radiance generator has taken the beauty world by storm, quickly becoming the best-selling essence worldwide*4 for its powerful 7-day skincare benefits. Followed with a powerful eye essence and new skin lotions in 3 different textures, TSUYA skin has become our core franchise to give women ideal skin with crystal-clear transparent and beautifully refined skin along with a youthful healthy glow.

Now, in 2015, the TSUYA skin series is complete, with the launch of a new emulsion and cream, for bouncy skin and a porcelain-fine, dewy glowing skin canvas.

Developed from the viewpoint of professional makeup artists and incorporating shu uemura’s makeup artistry expertise as well as its cutting-edge advanced technology, TSUYA skin is Japan’s answer to the needs of “ideal skin.” TSUYA skin provides a comprehensive solution to skin concerns that can be observed through “touching” and “looking” at your skin – with a full series from lotion to cream, TSUYA skin creates radiance and boosted youthfulness. For a smoother fit and longer lasting, beautiful makeup*5, there is only one choice – TSUYA skin.


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