Times Square Hong Kong – Lilliputian Christmas

TS xmas_OP at night_s

TS Xmas Train_0570


TS xmas_2f crystal balls with bears_resized

TS xmas_crystal ball_resized

TS xmas_snowmen crystal ball_resized



Everyone should have dreamt of transforming themselves into Lilliputian, to stroll through the real world that evoking into dreamy and magical sceneries. This year, Times Square brings your dream into life, to let you become a Lilliputian, by taking you a ride on a Christmas ornament train to travel in a mountain of Christmas gifts boxes for the adventure.

Continue your journey to the Atrium on 2/F, you will find the big surprise from Santa who sends us three pieces of 7m, 5m and 4m wide Christmas crystal balls for the naughty and nice, surprise is that the 7m crystal ball allows you to go inside to take pictures in the fantastic Christmas world and make it one of your most memorable Xmases. You will find yourself being part of the magnificent Christmas décor and illuminated with many Christmas joy and colors. Wish you a merry Christmas!

Times Square will present a total of 46 festivities spread across weekends during the month-long holiday season, from 29 November to 26 December, to immerse locals and tourists of different ages in a festive atmosphere.  Performances and events include Street Magic Show, Irish Dance Performance, Christmas Carols, Meet & Greet with Santa, Cupcakes and Gingerbreads workshop.


Street Magic Show: 29-30/ 11/ 2014, 13-14, 26/ 12/ 2014 (2pm, 4pm)

Irish Dancing Performance: 6-7/ 12/ 2014 (3pm, 5pm)

Christmas Caroling: 20-21, 25/ 12/ 2014 (3pm, 5pm)

Funny Clown is Coming to Town: 29-30/ 11/ 2014, 26/ 12/ 2014 (3pm, 5pm)

Meet & Greet with Santa Claus: 6-7, 20-21, 25/ 12/ 2014 (2pm, 4pm)

Cupcakes Decorating Workshop: 13/ 12/ 2014 (3pm, 5pm)

Gingerbreads Decorating Workshop: 14/ 12/ 2014 (3pm, 5pm)



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