Chow Tai Fook and Lee Min Ho Present CTF x Lee Min Ho Collection






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Chow Tai Fook (CTF), the world’s largest pure-play jeweller by market capitalisation, joins hands with Lee Min Ho, famous Korean actor cum style icon, to present the new “CTF x Lee Min Ho” Collection. Constantly seeking innovative collaborations to complement the style and special moments of its customers, CTF pushes the boundaries of fashion jewellery further with the new collection.

Inspired by Lee’s lucky number “7”, the collection features 10K gold and diamond necklaces, pendants and bracelets that seamlessly marry the unique heptagram and Lee’s initials. Each point of the stylish star carries a special meaning, representing wind, fire, water, earth, light, darkness and emotions.

The number “7” is transformed into the heptagonal motif to demonstrate Lee’s attitude towards life. While the six points represent nature’s soothing wind, passionate fire, nourishing water, plentiful earth, shining light and profound darkness, the remaining one representing emotions manifests the most important value treasured by Lee. The heptagonal pendant embraced by dazzling diamonds further highlights this eternal value.

The intricate LMH motif is perfectly blended into the heptagonal design that reveals a soft radiance, symbolizing the passion of the fashion icon and his gratitude for the support of his loyal fans.

Inspired by the glistening starlight that brightens the night, Lee adorns the LMH motif with scintillating diamonds, creating a stylish amulet with the power of light and love.

Lee’s effortless style and love for a simple lifestyle are portrayed with clean and sleek lines. The yellow gold and rose gold pendants featuring the letters “L” and “H” respectively are simple yet elegant. The “M” motif in white gold features a diamond rim that reveals unrivalled radiance. The clean silhouettes of the flanking pendants further highlight the brilliance of the glittering diamonds of the centre piece.

The slim and exquisite necklace and the interlocking heptagonal motifs represent the lasting affection of Lee. The sparkling diamonds add an elegant touch to the understated and refined design, delighting every heart with the timeless brilliance.

Recognising by the importance of emotions, Lee weaves the LMH motif with the yellow gold heptagonal design, making the modern pieces the best gifts for the cherished ones.

Braided bracelets and charms are the timeless essentials of the fashion-savvy. With an impeccable sense of style, Lee turns the seven-pointed star into delicate charms and links them with soft braided or leather strings. These trendy designs perfectly showcase his loving personality and image.

Surprise your loved one with a wonderful piece of jewellery stored in a dedicated jewellery box! The exclusive “CTF x Lee Min Ho” Collection jewellery box is a perfect way to express your gratitude and love this season. Upon any purchase of the “CTF x Lee Min Ho” Collection, customers will receive a special jewellery box with the 2R photos of Lee, an information card and a note pad. The foldable photo frame on the top allows you to create a truly unique gift with a personal touch.


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