Harbour City Hong Kong – Shaun The Sheep Love Christmas




Harbour City has collaborated with Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation for 13 years (since 2002) to raise fund during Christmas. This year Harbour City brings British animation character “Shaun the Sheep" to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas with all of us by using “Shaun the Sheep Love Christmas" as the theme. Giant thematic Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments sponsored by various Harbour City tenants, organizations and donors will be displayed at Gateway Arcade and the Ground Floor of Ocean Harbour City. “Shaun the Sheep Love Christmas" will surely bring everyone a happy Christmas filled with joy and festive fun.

30 colourful Shaun the Sheep figures will be hosted at the Harbour City Gateway Arcade corridor, as well as a large barn along with a Christmas tree made out of Shaun himself. The barn will be filled with a warm atmospheric living room, in which Shaun and friends will come out and greet everyone. The 30 pieces of Shaun Charity Christmas figurines will be sponsored by various Harbour City tenants, organizations and donors. Donations will go towards the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation, sharing and extending our love and Christmas spirit to Hong Kong.

Date: 4 December, 2014 – 4 January, 2015
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: Gateway Arcade and Ocean Terminal, Ground Floor, Harbour City

Harbour City will launch a limited edition “Harbour City x Shaun the Sheep" 2015 desktop calendar. The design of the calendar is based on the head of “Shaun the Sheep", the signature wool at the head of “Shaun the Sheep" will be made up with plush wool texture, together with 3-dimensional movable eyes and ears, making this calendar not only functional but fun as well. The calendar will also come with a notebook, and filled with a flip-book animation cartoon. The funny and colourful design of the calendar perfectly matches the theme of “Sheep Sheep Hooray", which showcases Shaun’s cheeky smile and spreads the joy to everyone in 2015. All proceeds of the charity sale will be donated to the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation for those in need. This Christmas gift will not only be perfect for your personal use, but also for friends and family.



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