Rimowa – The Bossa Nova from Brazil




BOSSA NOVA is the name of the new luxury range from RIMOWA which attracts attention not only because of its striking design, but also because of its charity aspect: RIMOWA is donating a proportion of the sales proceeds to the organisation Saúde e Alegria, in order to support projects in the Amazon region. This non-profit organization promotes socio-environmental development in more than 150 Amazon communities. The company RIMOWA – and its CEO Dieter Morszeck in particular – has always had an affinity with this South American country: “I lost my heart to Brazil at the latest when I had the privilege of living in this incredible country for a year.”

Because of this, this extraordinary range is only being manufactured in the Brazilian factory and will initially only be available in RIMOWA’s Brazilian stores during the World Cup. And to familiarise customers with the fascinating flora and fauna of the region, a copy of Margaret Mee’s Amazon: Flowers of the Amazon Forests will be given away with every purchase of a suitcase from this range. The artist inspired RIMOWA to develop an extra special suitcase: green and boasting superior workmanship and highly valued details. The high-quality polycarbonate suitcase in a lush jet green will then be made available in the rest of the world once the World Cup is over.

The BOSSA NOVA makes an exciting statement with its high level of craftsmanship using premium materials and a great deal of attention to detail. It is available in a choice of two harmonious colour options – tone-on-tone or with contrasting leather accessories in beige. The padded handle ensures comfortable use and is produced using a type of cow leather that is as subtle as it is resilient, decorated with striking and attractive stitching. The corners of the BOSSA NOVA are also covered with high-quality leather with contrasting stitching – an eye-catching feature that makes the cases more robust.

The patented and extremely convenient Multiwheel system stands out for its excellent manoeuvrability and colour-coordinated wheel covers. The inside of the BOSSA NOVA is a winner too: fully lined with padded material, the Flex-Divider system ensures the perfect organisation of items in the case and is every bit as hard-wearing as parachute silk. The design of the BOSSA NOVA is rounded off with the add-a-bag holder built into the shell, which allows an additional item of luggage to be secured directly to the case. True to the motto of ‘Travel in style and do good’!



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