Carrera y Carrera Boutique in Macau Grand Opening





Carrera y Carrera, the world’s premier jewellery brand from Spain today announced the grand opening of its first boutique in the Greater China region. The opening of the boutique undoubtedly marks the milestone of the company’s pathway of further expanding its presence in the Asian market. To this end, Ms. Svetlana  Kupriyanova, Chief Executive Officer of Carrera y Carrera and Mr. Manuel Carrera, Founder of Carrera y Carrera, who is the fourth generation of the Carrera family, came to Macau personally to witness the important moment of the brand.

Situated in MGM Macau neighbouring One Central, the boutique has an excellent geographic location. Against the tradition of its red theme in boutique design, Carrera y Carrera adopts the white colour for the first time in the new boutique in Macau that gives fresh and new visual enjoyment. Entering the boutique, the jewellery story interpreted by a sexy and charming Spanish lady first comes to the eyes, which not only creates a strong contrast to the pure white colour theme, but also delivers the flaming passion in a Spanish way, leading to a mysterious yet wonderful world of art. In the lamplight, fine and exquisite jewel pieces meticulously crafted by the brand’s great skilled goldsmiths gives a unique touch of life and elegance.

“We spot the advantages of Macau as an international city of tourist attraction, which is one of the main reasons that we have our first boutique in the Greater China region open here,” said Ms. Svetlana Kupriyanova, Chief Executive Officer of Carrera y Carrera. “The opening of our Macau boutique not only enables us to greet our customers in Hong Kong and Macau, but also offers a platform for tourists worldwide, particularly consumers from Mainland China to get to know our brand. We are confident that the new boutique will build a good foundation for us to enter the Chinese market,” she added.

It is worth a mention that the Macau boutique displays all the collections of Carrera y Carrera that range from Seda Imperial, which is inspired by the embroidered silk garments of the Chinese emperors, to Gardenias that brought from the myth of the island to Spain, or Circulos de Fuego that is created with the Chinese element of dragons, and Ruedo, an interpretation of passion of the bullfighters. Each collection reveals a unique style of extraordinary beauty. In addition, Mi Musa, a collection designed by Mr. Manuel Carrera, pays tribute to the founder’s beloved wife Marina in a fun way that the couple is represented by two frogs to remember their first date, their first glances, and the beginning of the eternal love they continue professing today.


“Gold and precious metal have long been the key elements for Carrera y Carrera’s design,” said Mr. Manuel Carrera, Founder of Carrera y Carrera. “The strong plasticity of metal gives me and my design team inexhaustible inspiration. All the time, it’s my insistence that only by innovation and break from tradition can we develop a clear and identifiable style for Carrera y Carrera. Upon this foundation we can try to integrate the craftsmanships of gold engraving, polishing, matte-gloss finishing and precious stone setting to create unbelieveably magnificent jewel pieces that earn recognition widely. It’s always my vision to create jewel pieces that express an innovative style, reveal a unique character and give a touch of life,” he stressed.


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