Kiehl’s “Store of The Future" at Elements Hong Kong in Asia

1 - Kiehl's Elements New Concept Store

2 - Heritage Formula

3 - Customer Favourites

4 - Kiehl's Elements New Concept Store (Inside)

5 - Kiehl's Elements New Concept Store (Inside)

6 - New Cashier

7 - Dermatologist Solution

8 - Gifting Station


Since its first pharmacy opened in Manhattan, New York City in 1851, Kiehl’s has become a global unique name in the skin care industry for the past 163 years. Kiehl’s friendly and professional approach; traditional yet modern style have been exemplified through its product development and store design concept, these unique values have always been the core value of the brand.

Kiehl’s always strives its best to showcase every store, takes care of customer needs as well as brings forth innovative ideas, with that, it introduces the latest “Store of the Future” design concept in Kiehl’s shop located in Elements. The concept has combined contemporary design with classic furnishings that have been applied in Kiehl’s shops throughout its 163 years of operation, illustrating Kiehl’s emphasis on scientific research and traditional values.

The new face of Kiehl’s shop in Elements, stages “Store of the Future" concept, its every detail can symbolize Kiehl’s tradition of innovation and continue to be in line with the brand philosophy. As the guests walk into the shop, they will find a twist in Kiehl’s signature pharmacy design that is different from the simplistic American style, for example, the wooden medicine cabinet is now replaced by modernized metallic cabinet; the display rack below the cashier showcases a variety of bottle packaging in different eras. In addition to retaining a vintage crystal chandelier in the center of the store, it is furnished with new design lightings, allowing an eclectic mix of new and traditional design to strike a perfect balance. Kiehl’s has always possessed the courage to reform and persistence to respect the tradition – this explains exactly the future development of the brand.

Despite the change in design, Kiehl’s still believes in trial before purchasing, guests are encouraged to try and understand the products first, and with the help of Kiehl’s team of professions, they can select the most suitable products for themselves.



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