Times Square – The Opening Ceremony of ”Dr. Leo K. K. Wong’s World of Images – My 60s-70s Hong Kong” Exhibition

TS living rm museum

TS living rm muse competition winner

TS living rm muse_dr wong exh opening ceremony 2

TS Living Rm Museum_dr wong exhibition opening ceremony


Times Square is privileged to present the renowned photographer Dr. Leo K. K. Wong at the inaugural exhibition of the Living Room Museum and to publish the accompanying catalogue “Dr. Leo K. K. Wong’s World of Images” to mark the festive occasion. Dr. Leo K. K. Wong, renowned photographer, Professor Nelson Chen, Director of School of Architecture, CUHK, Mr. Marco Wong and Mr. Samuel Wong, Winners of “Times Square Living Room Museum” Competition, Ms. Yen Leng, Executive Director of Wharf Estates Limited and Ms. Liza Wang, famous artist were present to inaugurate the premiere exhibition “Dr. Leo K. K. Wong’s World of Images – My 60s-70s Hong Kong” Exhibition on 8 January at Times Square Living Room Museum.

It was in 1966 that Dr. Wong began studying photography under the photographic guru S. F. Dan. Before long, his monochromes and colours were showcased at the International Salon Exhibitions, nine times earning him a place among the top ten photographers in the 1970s. Showered with accolades since the 1960s, the photographer was honoured with the Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the HKSAR Government in 2010 in recognition of his zealous promotion of and immense contribution to the art of photography. To this day, the same passion still burns and the master continues to show his new masterpieces year after year.

The photographer’s passion for Hong Kong and life itself can be deeply felt at the current exhibition, which invites audience to go back in time to a Hong Kong that was blessed with harmony and happiness. Among the fleeting moments captured with delicacy, there are scenes of the Hong Kong Expos, public housing estates and billboards that announce aspirations for a better future, snapshots of fields and fishing villages that celebrate peace and tranquillity, and portraits of people at work and children at play that crystallize diligence and blitheness.

Centring around six themes, namely (1) fishing villages in my dreams, (2) snapshots of housing estates, (3) ode to labour, (4) sunset rhapsody, (5) street scenes, and (6) religion and customs, the 50 works featured all date to the 1960s and 1970s, offering visitors a chance to ramble through those good old days of Hong Kong from the 1960s and 1970s.



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