Lanvin Femme SS 2015 Collection












Serene, regal, with no trace of artifice, of anything that could check her allure, the Lanvin woman goes her way in complete freedom. Released.

Multi-facetted, simplicity is equalled only by the most sophisticated cut. Whether it’s an ink blue, Lanvin Blue asymmetric sheath or a disjointed over-stitched brocade dress, with its emblematic raw edges, style feeds on refinement. Techno stretch gabardine in chalk or black, the chequerboard look is here. An absolute chequerboard where crumpled woven linen suits walk freely alongside supple organdie trench coats and virginal terracotta washed silk satin dresses.

Stiletto heels or neo-antique sandals, a figure appears as fluid in silk satin or twill crepe as she is architectural in a mascara black linen duchess jacket.

A skin-like wardrobe in shades of grey, khaki, ecru and nude, like woven, draped makeup. Just so many enveloping, carnal mists highlighting, in a play on net, slits, eyelets and jewelled straps, the movement of a body as it walks. When dawn breaks or twilight falls a very specific softness appears, far from any kind of screeching, noisy vision, far from obligatory femininity, blinded by flashbulbs and false destinations. Strength is revealed in the intimacy of a cocktail dress like a short kaftan in organdie flocked with cut threads.

Paradise hides no longer beneath X-rays. It arises, in half-shades, both animal and vegetable, with this brocade coat “les singes floutés”, or this printed organdie dress “animaux en cavale”, come to recreate in the city nature at her most surreal and poetic.  Because a gown is worn as naturally as a T-shirt, because the body of “thirty something and more” women  – Kirsten Owen, Amber Valleta, Esther de Jong, Malgosia Bela, Anne Catherine Lacroix, Violetta Sanchez – is deployed at its zenith, in the absolute radiance of a time where nothing stands still.

A body which is at one with Lanvin time. Without prostheses or wiring. Just highlighted like a smile with a lick of sparkly red lipstick… ready to love. To live. To give. Made to reveal a personality, allowed to choose shadows as often as light.


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