Leonard SS 2015 Collection









A flower blossoms, transforms itself, blooms until reaching its bright and colorful bursting point… For her Spring-Summer 2015 collection, Yiqing Yin, design director of Leonard, delved into the floral archives of the 1960s and 70s but also looked at the “jeunes filles en fleurs" who still hand paint the house’s flower prints. In fact, the hand itself plays a key role in the collection: from the sketch of a shape to its creative explosion, in the pairing of unexpected materials or the deceptively simple draping of a jersey dress, the hand’s gesture leaves its set of clues.

The Leonard woman also carries this sense of nonchalant precision in her own attitude. She enjoys the ease of an oversized denim jumpsuit, treats a bikini as an outfit in its own right. Her constant sense of movement goes beyond expected codes with a relaxed self-assurance. Fabrics follow her lead: denim dares to mix with lace or to invite multicolored flower prints, while a silk gazar version provides a smooth illusion. Patchwork and panels echo a sense of work in progress on a printed dress or dungarees. A drawing in chalk shifts onto silk jersey, then onto jacquard and finally a printed lurex for an almost fractal effect. Sports and eveningwear collide in a gust of wind, a fresh take on games of contrast and construction. Shades of denim blue are joined by reds, pinks, yellows and plain neutrals in a soft breath.

Step by step, in plaited leather and fabric sandals, the Leonard woman moves light yet determined, affirming her sense of self. Like a summer breeze gently ruffling pistils and petals.



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