JeanRichard Terrascope 39mm

JR_Duo_Terrascope_Black pieces_PR


JEANRICHARD has developed its Terrascope in a second 39 mm diameter ideally suited for any wrist. This new face for the brand’s iconic model is celebrated by the launch of several striking versions, including some flagship feminine watches. A new approach for all Philosophers of Life to whom size really matters.

With its unique design and style that is both sporty and refined, the JEANRICHARD Terrascope has emerged as a new watchmaking icon. It bears the hallmark of a Philosophy of Life focused on discovery, adventure and the desire to go one step further each time. In addition to the basic models displaying a 44 mm diameter, the JEANRICHARD Terrascope now offers a new 39 mm size, with subtly reviewed proportions. Perfect dimensions to dress any wrist, while keeping the strong presence and assertive character of this watch alive. The Terrascope 39 mm keeps the same highly original case with a cushion-shaped middle part and the round bezel, while reinterpreting it to experience new dimensions. Its ingenious modular concept with sophisticated construction in several parts, allows materials and finishes of the different elements to be varied, giving each model a different personality – and thus meeting the tastes of all everyday life’s adventurers – this especially feminine ones, too. A new feature of these innovative JEANRICHARD models is also the see-through case-back now implemented for this whole collection. Made of sapphire glass, the back of the watch gives insight on the black oscillating weight of the self-winding mechanical movement.


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