Berluti – Alessio – An Iconic Shoe is Revisited




Berluti, which is 120 years old this year, is celebrating its anniversary with the launch of the Alessio, a casual reworking of the iconic Alessandro design created in 1895.

Classic Elegance. Like its predecessor the Alessandro, the Alessio has a very distinctive construction. The upper part of the shoe is cut from a single piece of leather without any panels, seams or inserts. This technical feat creates a flowing design with simple lines. Over the years, the shape of the Alessandro, designed by company founder Alessandro Berluti, has been continuously revisited to keep it current. The round, robust post-war design became more slender, edgy and pointed in the early 1990s. This lace-up pump, which is now available in Galet (a curved shape with a round edge), Milano (with tapered lines) and Capri (with a squarer toe) comes in a variety of styles. The Alessio offers a new casual alternative. Although the lines are still tapered, they are no less understated. The patinated hues peculiar to Berluti are similarly muted and blended. The three Venezia leather colourways – Tobacco, Rothko blue and Vermilion – are conspicuous by their discretion.

A Sporty Look. The real difference between the Alessio and the Alessandro is obvious underfoot. The traditional leather sole has been replaced by a more supple structure composed of layers of leather, rubber and Micro – an extremely supple high-tech material borrowed from the world of sports equipment manufacturers. This flexible sole promotes a relaxed gait and lends the shoe its casual style. Quirky colour matches between the upper and lower parts of the shoe create a graphic energy which is reinforced by the interplay of stripes in the sole. The Tobacco patina is complemented with brick-coloured soles, the Rothko patina with green, and the Vermillion patina with blue.




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