fFLATS Shares Tips to Choose Your Headphone

Photo 1_ Forte  One

Photo 2_Chapter Two


Nowadays, music has become your best companion when you are communing to work, doing cardio exercises at the gym or jogging. Having a good set of headphones allows you to enjoy your music more, it is like being in your own private music studio. To block out unwanted noise and create a secluded music hideaway for yourself, fFLAT5, Japanese headphones manufacturer would like to share with you a few audio specifications and headphone tips.

In-ear Headphones vs. On-ear Headphones

fFLAT5 offers you options with both in-ear Forte One collection and on-ear headphone Chapter Two collections. When picking format of devices which allows you to best enjoy your favorite tunes, the first thing you have to ask yourself is if you are adverse to inserting things into your ear; if you are, then on-ear headphones may be a better option for you. In-ear headphones are very portable, thus giving you maximum convenience and flexibility when you are on the go, especially if you are doing exercises or jogging. Since in-ear headphones are actually inserted into your ear canal, they offer more focused sound effect than on-ear headphones whereas on-ear headphones usually provide better bass response and sound clarity.

Comfort: If you are using in-ear headphones, you may want to choose headphones with multiple earbud sizes as everyone’s ear has a unique shape and multiple earbud sizes allow you to choose the most comfortable option. Forte One of fFLAT5 in-ear headphone collection comes with three sizes of extended ear-fit offering utmost comfort for long-time wearing. At the same time, the on-ear collection Chapter Two comes with thick leather paddings making them comfortable on most heads.

Testing Time: Leave the headphones on for at least 10 minutes when you are having a trial because the feel on you ear would change dramatically after the first five minutes.

Sound: This is the most important feature when you choose your headphone. When you test you new headphones, it is the best to use old music as modern music is usually compressed to heck while the old music will help you better test the frequency response. Classical music is even better since it has various instruments that will best indicate the range of sound of the headphones. Then you can try to listen to the music that you usually listen to on the headphones – to make sure the bass is up to your standards or if the sound is acoustic enough. You may also have to take into account that the first 50 to 100 hours of listening time are supposedly to “wear-in” the new headphones and bring out the natural sound.

To facilitate outstanding and finest music quality, fFLAT5 has partnered with Furukawa Electric, a celebrated name in premium audio industry, co-invented the revolutionary speaker driver technology MCPET (Microcellular Formed Polyethylene Terephthalate) for its entire line of fFLAT5 headphone collections. MCPET contains ultra-small microcell with a size below 5 microns and has gone through customized technical processing to realize perfect diaphragm movement in order to provide better acoustic detail for the most strikingly realistic sound reproduction.

The combination of the revolutionary technology with the high-end headphone design make fFLAT5 in-ear Forte One headphones and on-ear Chapter Two headphones the ideal choice for music lovers who demands the most out of their music at home or on the move.

ct and lasting sound performance. MCPET excels competitive speaker diaphragm materials with extraordinary density and vibration elasticity to achieve original sound reproduction. Being heat-proof and humidity-proof, MCPET further prevents signal lost or sound distortion in various environments. With this revolutionary patent technology, the fFLAT5 headphone collections are designed to deliver perfect and lasting sound performance.

In addition, fFLAT5 applies Furukawa OFC (oxygen free copper) premium-grade cable to wind up speaker driver coil for securing perfect diaphragm movement in order to provide better acoustic detail for the most strikingly realistic sound reproduction.

The combination of the revolutionary technology with the high-end headphone design make fFLAT5 in-ear Forte One headphones and on-ear Chapter Two headphones the ideal choice for music lovers who demands the most out of their music at home or on the move.


Moncler Grenoble FW 2015 “Love Factory" Performance in New York









A celebration of the magic and the driving force that is love, of its eternal beauty and energy, alongside a coral performance representing the world of sport: a world built and experienced around profound passion and utter dedication, just like Moncler.

This is the message for the event which will be presenting the Moncler Grenoble F/W 2015-2016 collection under the evocative banner of “Love Factory". A performance scheduled to take place in NYC on 14 February in the bright premises of the Duggal Greenhouse, a renovated industrial construction overlooking the Hudson in Brooklyn.

It is a clean, powerful motion interwoven with delight. A fully-fledged “Hymne à l’Amour", a magnificent ritual of sharing charged with symbolic and emotive effects, shot through with countless feelings whilst also being dedicated to unbridled fun. In the vast central hall of Duggal House, an enormous box-shaped heart, a macroscopic romantic and tongue-in-cheek chocolate box of deliberate pop inspiration is to be set in the middle of the audience stands. The box will, of course, be red, a vivid crimson as vibrant as passion itself. When the lid opens it will reveal surprising contents: 25 couples – there is even a young bride and groom – who will be lifted from their bed by a hydraulic piston, each of which portraying a different winter sports discipline.

The performance will thaw the dazzling frost of winter with the irresistible fluid warmth of love, drawing to a close with gentle yet intense collective kiss. A cathartic, emblematic and liberating kiss which, it is hoped, will prove hopelessly contagious.

The distinctly sporting vocation of Moncler Grenoble is, as its name itself shows, a throwback to the brand’s origins which lie in the eponymous town of Isère. In this collection it will be combining technical and high performance items with versatile garments that can also be worn in the city with the greatest ease and at a variety of occasions. The general inspiration sees a new take on retro elements, particularly those from the ’60s and ’70s. The silhouettes are often figure-hugging, and almost seem to outline the body with juxtaposed effects created through textures and geometric combinations of boudin and quilting. They also see interpretations featuring overlapping lengths and thicknesses, and softer breadths. There are leggings and quilted trousers, down-filled garments trimmed with Mongolian fur, sheepskin and goatskin, inserts in technical flannel or wool and knitwear with Norwegian motifs, all enhanced by copious amounts of accessories. For couples inspired by climbers we have garments tested at high altitude, under temperatures impossible to withstand by the Italian climbers that scaled the dizzying heights of K2 until they within arm’s reach of the sky, a feat in which Moncler played a decisive role.

Then there are the colours. Starting with a distilled range of greys, and a charming range of forest and undergrowth hues, they also include copy ink reds and blues, ultramarine and deep, nocturnal blues. There is no shortage of glossy black and a vivid, electric yellow which recalls certain synthetic colours from the abstract and kinetic painting movement of the 1960s: the same decade that saw Moncler truly make its mark on an international level thanks to the Winter Olympics held in Grenoble in February 1968. Elsewhere, the red, white and blue of the French flag stands out in a tribute to the brand’s DNA, alongside a new and dynamic camouflage. Contrasting graphic combinations interrupt the prevalence of single-colours. They define clean cuts and backgrounds, giving breadth and a light look to garments conceived to defy the harshest, most extreme weather conditions.

agnès b. Bucket Bag in SS 2015




For ladies, your handbag wardrobe of Spring/Summer 2015 cannot survive without a bucket bag. Alice is a range of carry-alls featuring two sizes of bucket bags and handbags. Made of Italian split leather, it gives rise to their structural shape for more protection to your belongings. The tone on tone epoxy buckle on side harmonizes with the body color. Details are kept to a minimum.

For bucket bag, the only metal part is the ends on string. Alice handbag is user-friendly and practical with two-way zip opening and detachable shoulder strap. Small back pocket at back of the handbag enables extra compartment for storage.

Kiehl’s Heavy Lifting Eye Repair

Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Eye Repair VisualFacial Fuel Heavy Lifting Eye Repair HK$250 (14ml)

For more than 50 years, men have relied on Kiehl’s Since 1851 for the company’s expertise in men’s skincare designed to meet their specific needs.  Kiehl’s chemists know that the first and most visible signs of aging for men occur around the eye area, making it the #1 aging concern for men globally. These aging signs can appear as dark circles, sagging under eye bags, lines, wrinkles and deep set “crow’s feet.”

It is with this need in mind that Kiehl’s proudly introduces Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting” Eye Repair. Featuring Rye Seed Extract, this multi-action formula is designed to visibly strengthen and correct the appearance of aging skin around the eye area in a light feeling and quick absorbing cream. Building upon the success of Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting” Moisturizer that launched in 2013, this powerful “heavy lifter” for men works to help firm and lift, reduce the appearance of dark circles and visibly resurface crow’s feet to reveal a smoother, more youthful look.

H&M’s First Ever Store in Taiwan


µÇºµá+tö+µÿƒ Godfrey Gao T½ÿS+Ñt+ösç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇìµÖés¦ÜsÉìs¬¢ Arissa Cheo tƒ¦F¦Psûäsç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇì

Candy Wang tÄïs+âµü¼sç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇìH&Mµû¦µÿÑt¦+sêùS+úF¿ÇS¦¦ Zhou Xun sæ¿F+àsÅè Archie David Kao T½ÿFüûTüásñ½s¬ªsç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇì

Hans Chung Tì+µë+t+¦sç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇìLawrence Liu sèësñºs++sç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇì

Miranda Lu F+»sÿëµÇísç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇìs£ïµ¦æsѦtÑP Ariel Lin µPùS+¥µÖ¿sç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇì

s+«t¼æs¦Åtöƒ Yo-Wei Lin µPùS+æs¿üsç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇìsà¿Fâ+sñ¬sÉÄ Rainie Yang µÑèS+PtɦFæùH&M conscious exclusive collectiont¦+sêùµ£ìFú¥sç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇì

t¼¼S+ÇsÉìs¬¢ Aimee Sun s¡½Fè+Fè+FæùH&M SS15 studio collectiont¦+sêùµ£ìFú¥sç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇìtö£s+âsѦtÑP Annie Chen TÖ¦s¦¡sª«sç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇì

Yougun Lee µ¥ÄS+æt+ñsç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇìYuli Lin µPùsÅêt½ïsç¦s+¡pÇîH&Ms+«Tó¿µ¥+T½ÿµùùFëªs¦ù VIP NightpÇì


H & M, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M), threw one of its biggest fashion parties at Breeze Song Gao, divulging a premiere of Taipei’s newest cutting-edge shopping destination.

Celebrity couples Zhou Xun and Archie Kao, Rainie Yang and Ariel Lin were among the guests who delved into the exclusive shopping extravaganza, all whilst enjoying a truly fantastic performance by Miss Ko, the winner of “Best New Artist" at the 24th Golden Melody Awards.

Taking the stage straight after was the first ever celebrity DJ combo performance starring Godfrey Gao and Aimee Sun, followed by DJ Crystal Q who kept the hype going long into the night.

The full-on energy event begun when Zhou Xun and Archie Kao, spruced up in H&M outfits, stunned everyone with their surprise appearance on the red carpet.

Under the bright crisp store setting, Miss Ko’s exclusive performance, performing her songs “BOOM BOOM" and “Slide", had the whole store bustling.

The final gig featured Godfrey Gao and Aimee Sun, who went on the DJ deck together for the very first time to spin for the crowd.