adidas Originals Flagship Store Opening in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong






Sammi Cheng

Chau Pakho

Alex Lam


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adidas Originals is celebrating the opening of the new adidas Originals flagship store in Hong Kong on the 29th January, 2015.  Inspired by the new global retail concept ‘Neighbourhood’, the 3,000 square feet brand new flagship store is situated at Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, offering all of the brand’s iconic Originals silhouettes in addition to featuring limited edition designs and collaborations.

To commemorate the opening of the Hong Kong store, artist Charles Munka has created works of art with elements of adidas Originals. In keeping with the ‘Neighbourhood’ concept, his work for the adidas Originals flagship store is inspired by his daily interactions with and within the city. The pieces created for the store serve as a sort of atlas of Hong Kong’s rich textures and heritage. Through the use of found materials and artifacts, Charles interprets the identity of both the city and adidas, illustrating similarities and parallels in their respective values, both known for their originality and their unique histories. The atlas is in 3 installations, examining the macro/micro relations between the city, the brand, and the artist. They also symbolize the commitment of the ‘Neighbourhood’ concept to local street culture.

Alongside Charles Munka’s work will be a photographic exhibition by Hong Kong based photographer, Mia Haggi. The photo series provides an intimate look at Charles’ process and a glimpse into his studio as the pieces come to life. Visitors to the store will be able to view completed works by Charles as well as vicariously experience the process through Mia’s documented imagery. The art pieces will be showcased at the new flagship store from 29th January.

Another highlight for the opening event is the appearance of singer Bia, the up-and-coming Boston native who has officially signed to Pharrell’s label, will perform in the private party hosted by adidas in the evening of the opening day. And A$AP Bari, one of the most influential crews in rap, the A$AP Mob, will heat up the night as a special performer. The brand also works with DJ Eve to bring to life a party that will gather all music lovers, street fashion addicts, and party goers from all different scenes to channel energy and creativity through the universal language of music. With a cool crowd led by Pakho Chau and other key opinions leaders who had participated in the social media campaign, the party will also feature the very special guests Sammi Cheng, Edison Chen, 24 Herbs, Mr. and Alex Lam.


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