John Lobb Presents Gift for Valentines

Jodhpur II - Dark Brown Museum Calf - SS

Jodhpur II - Pewter Suede - October sole

John_Lobb_Signature ties 1John_Lobb_Twinstitch ties 2

PLG_Twinstitch Credit Card Wallet 8 slots_Black

PLG_Twinstitch Credit Card Wallet 8 slots_Dark Brown_open

Shop Special- William II- Hyperion Suede

Shop Special- William II- Pewter Suede _ -+ view


JL022 Square Rose Gold- Chestnut Misty Calf

Shop Special-William II: To celebrate the 1st Anniversary reopening of Mandarin Oriental shop, one style with two exclusive colour and special engraved shoe trees are specially made for Mandarin Oriental shop and it is available in E and EE width fitting.
•William II in Pewter Suede, orange stitching with golden buckle
•William II in Hyperion Suede, red stitching with silver buckle

JodphurII : Inspired by its predecessor Jodhpur, is brought back due to its success on the By Request service. This boot features a single strap with nickel-colouredbuckle.

JL Classic Buckle Belt (rose gold buckle) : A 32mm-width leather belt with a classic square in Rose Gold. This beltis perfectly made for matching Philip II Buckle in Rose Gold.

John LobbTie : The Signature’s herringbone weave perfectly encapsulates John Lobb’sunique marriage of English heritage and French style. The heavy silk itself is woven in Suffolk.

Travel Case : This travel sized polishing case comes with a soft yellow goatskin lining; perfect gift for businessman and traveler.


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