agnès b. SS 2015 Femme Collection












Tribute to French provinces, from Alsace to Bretagne, agnès b. spring summer 2015 kick-starts with a series of traditional clothes from French countryside. Color palette ranges from ecru to grey. As inspired by paintings, Gilles by Antoine Watteau(1718-1719), the collection is made of slightly textured material in natural fibers like linen and cotton. With a rich mix up of accessories like “tricorne”, bonnet crochet, straw hat, wicker basket and ballerina in woven leather, the total looks create strong effect as if watching a play in threatre.

This summer, thanks to be associated with agnès’ photo montages and artists’ works such as Kader Benchamma and Mino Sassy, the light Denim has been added a dash of excitement. Echoing the workwear collection in Homme, “La Casual Chic” finds similar emblematic pieces such as jumpsuit, overall, pants and shirt jacket. This story also highlights an iconic pattern of agnès b. – dots, with a little twist on the size – bigger and highly graphic dots imprinted on dress for a French elegance silhouette.

It’s a summer story with swimsuits and swimwear. Imagining a relaxing voyage to a sunshine beach, the eye catching acid colored swimwear, from red, navy blue to turquoise blue, shines brightly under the natural sunlight. Matching with weft jersey in jacquards and graphics embroideries further bring the pieces to the centre of attention. All equipped with agnès b.’s signature snap buttons.

As a continual from last year spring summer collection, agnès b. pays tribute again to Africa for their authentic fabrics. In this story, all over prints are developed in a city spirit (pencil skirt, suit) with an urban touch (mini-dress, short shorts). Palette of colors is contrasting eg. Yellow and black, Pink and green.

Apparels in pastel color palette with a mix of delicate materials: mat, satiny or iridescent wholly presents casual chic in French touch, in town or for the week end. Featuring chiffon dress and satin shirts, soft and elegant woman silhouette is carved. Tone on tone and all-over print which are the hot designs in the season further bring the collection to an edgy edge.

Agnès is always passionate about art and eventually become her origin of inspiration. This season, as inspired by the 3 grafitti doors found in a swimming pool, few pieces of fitted dress are in place. The grafitti doors are drawn by 3 artist respectively namely Baudelocque, Futura and Ikon. The free style grafitti fasinates Agnès and she directly put the prints on the dresses that create chic look.


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