Times Square “The Legend of Lion Dance" Exhibition Opening Ceremony

TS lion dance exh opening 1

TS lion dance exh opening 2

TS lion dance exh opening 4

TS lion dance exh 1

TS lion dance exh_master lim and master keung

TS lion dance exh_master lim meng kok

TS lion dance exh_keung si fu


“Dong Dong Qiang, Dong Dong Dong Dong Qiang!” With the sound of percussion rising up, the opening ceremony of Times Square “The Legend of Lion Dance” Exhibition was successfully held today. Lion Dance is one of the First Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of Hong Kong, it is also one of the most significant Chinese festive activities. Times Square is proud to present the “The Legend of Lion Dance” during Chinese New Year, through this exhibition, we hope to preserve and promote the Lion Dance culture, to allow people to learn about the Lion Dance traditions and to bring more awareness in preserving the local cultural heritage. This exhibition presents a total of 36 dancing lions. Also to be exhibited at the same time will be the musical instruments of the lion dance and an introduction to the artistry of the sewing and binding of lion heads, what’s more interesting is that lion dance drama performance will be held during the exhibition period. This will bring all of you closer to the traditional Chinese Lion Dance culture.

Today, renowned actor Mr Anthony Wong was present to inaugurate the “The Legend of Lion Dance” Exhibition at Times Square Open Piazza. The most anticipating and powerful lineup is the scene that One King Five Tiger Generals Lions* was leading the showcase of the 30 Dancing Lions for the celebration. More surprising is the performance of the 3-m high giant Liu Bei Lion by totally 20 men, showcasing great vigorousness. The style of dancing lion is originated from the heroes of Chinese famous novel – Three Kingdom; and that lion head needlework masters are inspired and based on the characters of the one King (Liu Bei) and five Tiger Generals (Guan Gong, Zhang Fei , Zhao Zilong, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong) in the novel as blueprints to design the lion heads. What’s more exciting is that the 30 Dancing Lions perfectly showcase the lions representing different stages of the lion dance history since the 60 and 70s, how can you miss this rare and precious scene?!



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