Vivienne Westwood AW 2015 Man Show in Milan












Vivienne Westwood AW15/16 Man Show has been held in Milan on 18th Jan 2015.

My favourite thing to design at the moment is Unisex- the idea that a teenage girl can wear her dad’s sweater and her boyfriend’s boxer shorts- favourite accessory an old leather belt. It’s a way to double up on our maxim “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” I love our unisex Prince/ Princess coat. The easiest thing to design is our unisex knitwear- you don’t have to think of anything fancy, you can stick to basics, a basic sweater is oversize for a woman and that makes it fashion- DIY fashion; a décolleté sweater is fashion for a man- theatrical. Also most theatrical clothes can be unisex.

We always care to make the world a better place and I want to pay tribute to Price Charles and the great job he’s doing. He’s on this season’s t-shirt which we always give to our backstage team. We have adopted Prince Charles as patron of our collection.

At the end of 2014 I posted photos of heroes on the Climate Revolution website. People who are fighting for a better world. They include Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning. I will also add Pope Francis and Arundati Roy.

One by one I will write texts for our heroes. So far I have done Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald.

Today I will do Prince Charles by way of a press release for our MAN show.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, has used his royal status to help the human race. He has worked indefatigably to do only good. I am astonished by what he has achieved. He is a visionary.

Back in the 70s when I was a punk and fighting for human rights, the young Prince Charles was more interested in spiritual things and more aware of culture than I was and most importantly, planning his career as an organic farmer; he already realized that we must live in harmony with the earth. The rest of the world was instead swallowing the idea of Big Agriculture monopoly, which we now know turns the earth to sand.

Prince Charles has hundreds of charities which he funds by donating the profits from produce of his organic farming and he also uses his status to fundraise. They all put people first – in contrast to government policy, which always puts business first. According to government policy wealth ends up with monopolies and banks: According to Charles “What’s good for people is good for the economy is good for the planet.”

To sum up: If Prince Charles had ruled the world according to his priorities during the last 30 years, we would be alright and we would be tackling Climate Change.

This season’s collection grew from looking at English archive tailoring and heritage fabrics. The focus started with Vivienne’s Time Machine collection of 1988 and the Herbert George Wells novel of the same title. The protagonist is a scientist who travels through time. From this story comes the idea that fashion travels through time and styles can come back from the past and clash with ideas from the future, while garments and techniques are connected across the years.

This is a collection for our time travellers inspired by Thomas Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy”, Henry VIII’s armour, John Constable’s painting “Weymouth Bay”, Edwardian interiors, beautiful fabrics from Edwardian upholstry and night gowns etc. Besides heritage fabrics, the iconic Money Print is also included.


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