shu uemura x Yazbukey collaborate in 2015 – Yazbukey for shu uemura collection


Uchiide SanYazbukey_01



put on your lashes, wink once,
put on some lipsticks, kiss twice,
and just feel fabulous with
Yazbukey x shu uemura make-up!

  • Yazbukey

After a long time apart, four best friends with opposite personalities reunite for an unforgettable evening- each eager to talk about a mysterious man that’s recently turned their lives upside down. A cocktail of secrets, make-up, and confessions…

Here comes an unexpected outcome from the craziest girl’s night ever…

The year 2015 promises to be fun and frivolous as shu uemura collaborates with Paris based accessory and jewelry designer Yaz Bukey for a collection that embraces women and all of their complexity, here incarnated by four friends that all fell head over the heels for a certain Shu Shu…

Ottoman princess Yaz descends from Egyptian royalty,and reigns over her own queen- dome, her eponymous house- Yazbukey, a brand worshipped around the world for its tongue-in-cheek, fun, feminine, sophisti-pop.

Mr. Shu Uemura transformed the image of women through make-up with his artful hands and revolutionary vision. for the 2015 artist collaboration collection ,shu uemura is an accessory for real women’s lives coupled with the singular vision of Yazbukey, for a fun-filled beauty adventure.


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