Godiva Réserve Privé Collection

Réserve Privée Gift Box_open


Chef Jean_d

Réserve Privé is a remarkable new connoisseur collection by GODIVA, the Belgian maître chocolatier, launching in March 2015. The collection chimes perfectly with the contemporary passion for fine foods with superior, authentic ingredients, and a growing respect for the chef’s art.

Aimed firmly at chocolate aficionados and dedicated foodies, these hand-crafted, luxury chocolates set a new benchmark in refinement and creativity. The collection acknowledges a growing appetite and appreciation for exquisite chocolates with precious fillings and exciting flavour combinations. Réserve Privée complements the main GODIVA collection, but elevates the virtuosity of the chocolatier to another level. It will be available in selected GODIVA stores and concessions across five countries.

An ambassador of refinement and tasting discovery, the Réserve Privée collection is also a source of pride for Godiva this year. By winning the Gold Award for its Réserve Privée Pistache Bronte Praliné Chocolate and a Bronze Award for its original Réserve Privée Noisette Piémont Praliné at the Belgian edition of the International Chocolate Awards 2015, the new prestige of Godiva is synonymous with expertise, innovation and the proactive approach of a parent company that is always ready to listen to its ardent supporters.




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