Prada “The Iconoclasts" 2015 in London

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During London Fashion Week, Prada presented the third chapter of The Iconoclasts project. Arianne Phillips’ takeover of the London Old Bond Street store drew an elite mix of London’s fashion and avant-garde scene.

Inspired by telling stories and creating characters, Arianne Phillips envisioned a ‘cinematic dreamscape’ of the store and created a special film based on the Spring / Summer 2015 collection. Desert landscapes were used as dramatic backdrops throughout the store against purple carpet. The store windows were filled with purple sand, rocks and trees. The natural elements like moss and orchids continued inside with the re-creation and ‘mash up’ of textiles used in the show for special mannequins, some with bright red wigs.

The mix of unexpected elements  and re-imagination of key bags and luggage in rich brocades, allowed guests to explore the craftsmanship of the collection through Arianne’s innovative vision.


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