Tumi – Triumph in The Skies with The Best Gear

TITS KV1-27x38-5ppl-02

Alpha Deluxe Wheeled Brief with Laptop Case HK$9,490_frontAlpha Deluxe Wheeled Brief with Laptop Case_HK$9,490_side


Luxury travel lifestyle brand TUMI announced today with its collaboration project on the movie <Triumph In The Skies> launches in coming Chinese New Year. The latest Alpha 2 collection is featured throughout the scenes across England, Beijing and Hong Kong based on the TVB’s 2003 blockbuster television drama on aviation and presented in its premium aesthetics with first-class engineering and functionality for the pilot crew.

Alpha 2 integrates ingenious design infused with iconic style. Tracing back to 1983, TUMI pioneered the use of the highly durable ballistic nylon material for its travel cases, revolutionizing the travel industry by debuting the Alpha Legacy collection. Crafted from this soft, yet highly durable material, Alpha Legacy is a performance-driven collection, serving as a signature element of TUMI’s heritage. Today, TUMI continues to meet the demands of the hyper traveler by combining premium aesthetics with first-class engineering and award-winning designs without compromising the TUMI lineage of offering best-in-class styles.

Recognized as the ultimate travel collection for performance and functionality, Alpha 2 will feature refreshing design elements and slimmer styles. Exterior pockets are built to inwardly expand, reducing exterior gusseting and excess space, top and side handles are redesigned to be flat and retractable, and the introduction of a bottom handle offers convenience when picking up suitcases at the baggage carousel. Upgrades to iconic elements, including the signature TUMI luggage tag and monogram patch, reveal new designs. The monogram patch is re-designed with a cleaner, beveled edge detail and is centered on the front exterior pocket. The luggage tag is repositioned on the side of each travel style.



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