Moncler Longe Saison Collection






Launched the Fall / Winter 2008,  the Moncler Longue Saison project has, over the years, become a cult for the brand,  the product  that  best represents  the outstanding craftsmanship of the Maison when it comes to light down jackets. The Moncler Longue Saison is particularly lightweight  and versatile, making  it the down jacket for all occassions. It is perfect for all seasons, made from breathable fabrics with a lightweight finish.

The Moncler Longue Saison collection has now being increased  to include a series of new styles made from the finest, lightest ultra-soft nappa  leather  just 0.3 millimetres  thick.  The result sees the Moncler Longue Saison Cuir,  a sophisticated, ultra-contemporary garment  created  thanks  to the  brand’s  ongoing  research  into  the many facets of technology and creativity.

The launch of the Moncler Longue Saison Cuir represents  a natural approach for the brand,  whose use of down places it firmly above and beyond fashion. The versatile garments  are designed to combine form and function in keeping with a concept of individual  style that  surpasses  any trend  and any period of time, are tailored  to those that use them in an ongoing combination of style and technology.

Each  of the  Longue  Saison  and  Longue  Saison  Cuir  models  corresponds  with  a special  “down  coefficient” obtained  with  the  direct  injection  of down  filling which  makes  it possible  to achieve  the  best  in terms  of silhouette,  volume, insulation,  fit and comfort. It is a complex and painstaking part  of the production process as each part of the garment,  even the very smallest one, needs a different amount  of down.

The colour range of the Moncler Longue Saison Cuir offers a range of purely masculine hues for men: from black to midnight blue, down to forest green and cognac. Distilled, romantic pastel shades feature for the women’s collection, which brings together precious nuances in cream, pink pale blue and coral.

The Moncler Longue Saison Cuir features models in both smooth and perforated and print nappa,  the thinnest and  most  refined  type  that  can  be  processed  without  it  being  torn  during  stitching.  The  natural tanning finished  with talcum  powder  during  the finissage process gives the leather  transparency and  dynamic  depth, enhancing  it with a velvety, ultra-soft texture.

The lines are geometric,  slender  and  decidedly  figure-hugging, combining  vintage  inspiration with a lust for the future.


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