Ports 1961 AW 2015 Womenswear Collection

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A/W 15 marks Natasa Cagalj’s first main season showcase. The Central Saint Martins trained designer, who was appointed creative director in November 2014, continues the championing of ease and relevance that she debuted for Pre-Fall. This collection defers to the everyday lives of women, from the slouchy suiting and wrapping details to the delicate yet delightful pom-pom embellishments. It is about elevating the pillars of the wardrobe – showing ‘normal’ clothes that are seamlessly and subtly turned into something special.

“My starting point was the foundation of the Ports 1961 brand – it was established by Luke Tanabe who just wanted to create a great white man’s shirt for his wife. It all began with men’s clothes for women" explains Natasa. “I imagined a woman dressed in a man’s clothes who starts manipulating them and changing them. She’s thrown on ordinary things but changes them into something else. In that way, it’s about mundaneness, and embracing the mistakes and coincidences that happen in the process of dressing."



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