agnes b. debuts Asia Exclusive Collection



Problem aroused from Parallel Import Goods (Grey imports) from Japan has long been stemmed and is getting severe these days. Those unscrupulous entrepreneurs made use of the loopholes, mixing dealer goods and grey import goods with counterfeited goods which then sell in the market for larger profit. These fancy footwork not only nibble up the brand’s business, more importantly, the low quality of counterfeited goods somehow made customers doubt the quality of the products which subsequently harms the brand’s credibility in long run. In sight of this, agnès b. specifically debuts ASIA EXCLUSIVE collection (EXCEPT JAPAN) which further branched out into four distinct sub-collections, to be named into 4 elegant ladies’ name, Adèle、 Béatrice、Camille and Dalila. What’s thoughtful is to merge the first letters of the four names and comes out “A, B, C, D“. As a result, it is easy to be remembered and recognized. Playful and chic in every sense, every collection is designed with its matching wallet series. After all, it is all about functions and fashion sense.

The exquisite design of Asia Exclusive collection is truly one-of-a-kind which made imitation difficult. Only available in all agnès b. shops, the house shows unwavering determination to combat with the grey imports as well as the counterfeited goods and that to lower the chance of customer being fall easy prey.

Offering countless options in Asia Exclusive collection, no matter how far your fashion style goes, you will get your matching bag here!


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