Jimmy Choo AW 2015 Women’s Collection Presentation in Milan

Jimmy Choo AW15 Milan atmos_1

Jimmy Choo AW15 Milan atmos_2

Jimmy Choo AW15 Milan atmos_3

Jimmy Choo AW15 Milan atmos_4

Jimmy Choo AW15 Milan atmos_5

Jimmy Choo AW15 Milan atmos_6Jimmy Choo AW15 Milan atmos_7


The Ballet takes centre stage as the inspiration for Sandra Choi’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection. Drawing on the powerful sense of emotion conveyed by the line of a dancer’s body, the palpable passion created by a single movement and the elegance of an arabesque, the collection explores a pas des deux relationship between ballet and bondage, the binding and tying of a dancer’s ankle with a simple ribbon that gives the confidence to release an emotionally charged performance.

Buckles harness, fine leather ribbon ties caress, minimal leather and brushed gold hardware cuff details bind evocatively and exaggerated organza bows tease the ankle and the foot. Decadent and sensuous velvet dominates lending a richness of texture contrasting with the softest nappa leather. The colour palette sees the innocence of ballet pink contrasted with moodier hues of teal, red, cinnamon, black and a degradé of ballet pink to black python.

Autumn Winter 2015 heralds the birth of a new rounded toe featured on different silhouettes from a classic stiletto heeled pump to a shoe bootie in leather finished with a delicate velvet trim and tantalising leather ribbon tied bow gracing the back of the ankle.  Velvet flats feature en pointe inspired toes.

“There is a perception that ballet is delicate and light – it is true there is beauty in the performance, but there is also an enormous sense of discipline involved. This led me to draw parallels with the theme of bondage. The dancers use delicate satin ribbons tied at the ankle like a harness, drawing the core in, focusing the mind, restraining the body. A knot gives the dancer strength to perform, but it’s also an art form. I was fascinated by how perfectly the two concepts of ballet and bondage intertwined.”

Sandra Choi, Creative Director



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