La Mer Reparative SkinTint SPF 30

The Reparative Skintint SPF 30_Romance


The Reparative Skintint SPF 30_Plain

THE WAIT IS OVER.  La Mer loyalists have longed for our coveted benefits in a color product. Now, La Mer answers their call with the new Reparative SkinTint SPF 30. Far beyond a BB, light years past a CC, SkinTint delivers a perfectly healthy looking glow while working to repair and protect the look of skin.

THE WEIGHT IS OVER. These light-as-air tints are infused with an innovative light and pigment technology to create beautifully translucent color that instantly perfects the skin. Translucent pigments instantly even and perfect the complexion, helping skin’s natural beauty shine through. Day by day, beautiful skin emerges.


PERFECT – The Perfecting Ferment: Powered by Deep-Sea Red Algae known for its ability to store and release energy as needed, this highly potent ferment helps reduce the look of pores, lines and wrinkles for a silky smooth, plump and renewed surface.

EVEN – The Translucensea Ferment: This super-charged seaborn ferment helps fight discoloration and gently clears away surface dullness for a newly even, translucent glow. Signs of aging are visibly softened as skin takes on a multi-dimensional glow.

PREVENT – SPF 30 and Lime Tea Concentrate, our proprietary antioxidant powerhouse, help protect against environmental aggressors that can age the look of the skin. Miracle Broth™ empowers skin’s natural repair process as antioxidants and SPF 30 help protect from future damage.

THE MIRACLE BROTH: Formulated with nutrient-rich sea kelp and other pure ingredients, cell-renewing Miracle Broth immerses skin in the healing powers of the sea. Infused with energy, skin is able to focus on natural repair and renewal.

TARGETED DELIVERY: Deconstructed WatersTM, La Mer’s exclusive delivery system, allows us to better target the delivery of the key actives in The Reparative SkinTint SPF 30. Positively charged ‘S’ water molecules deliver pigment and UV protection to the skin’s surface. Negatively charged ‘I’ water molecules drive reparative ingredients deeper into skin’s surface, helping them work faster and more effectively. These specially charged waters make La Mer’s innovations in tinted skincare possible, blending translucent color with deeply reparative benefits.


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