Longchamp SS 2015 – Men’s Lines of Colours




In matters of fashion, it’s generally agreed that girls come out on top. This Spring, however, Longchamp is proclaiming equal style rights for guys with the introduction of some eye-catching new designs to its men’s collection.

First up, the LONGCHAMP 3D line presents the season’s must-have: the ultimate backpack for urban nomads. In super-soft black or cognac calfskin with black nickel hardware, it combines fashion and function in its city-smart, user-friendly design, which features a buckle-down flap signed with the distinctive “pop-up” label to which the 3D collection owes its name.

With sportswear a major influence on the international runways, flashes of fluorescent colour say “I’m in the know”. That’s certainly the message conveyed by Longchamp’s new ETRIER TOILE tote bag, which teams black canvas with neon yellow leather handles, or khaki canvas with emergency orange handles. Spacious enough to hold a laptop and plenty more besides, the tote comes complete with a leather luggage tag ready for a weekend away.

The PARISIS MULTICO business line, meanwhile, interprets colour in a more preppy spirit, embellishing its classic document case with vertical stripes of different widths in smooth or perforated leather. Royal blue is trimmed with bands of yellow and ecru, black with burgundy and red, and mocha with orange and beige.
The Spring 2015 collection for men by Longchamp. For instant style, walk this way.



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