Escada Central Flagship Store Celebrates 1st Anniversary with a Star-studded Party

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01 Vivian ChowVivan Chow, ESCADA President of Asia Pacific_Edith Chen

03 Vivian Chow04 Qiqi

05 Eunis Chan06 Almen Wong


Eunis Chan, Ricky Kwok, Lelia Chow

ESCADA celebrated the 1st anniversary of the flagship store in Central and coincide with the launch of the extraordinary ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection, the collaboration between ESCADA and the famed German artist.

To show the internationally renowned brand’s luxurious charm, ESCADA is committed to the creation of extraordinary series that combine fashion and art with a touch of classic elegance.

In addition to continue to trend-setting in both suits and evening wear, ESCADA also committed to providing a comfortable environment for perfect shopping experience.

To mark the occasion, Vivien Chow was invited to be the guest of honor. The ever-green actress and singer, who epitomize the perfect feminine model, donned an elegant dress from ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection. Together with Ms. Edith Chen (President of Asia Pacific) and Mr. Philip Chen (Managing Director Hang Lung Properties Ltd.), they previewed the extraordinary ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection and the 2015 Spring/Summer collection.

The venue was meticulously decorated with a museum-like theme to showcase seven exquisite designs, included evening dress and cocktail dress, everyday wear, matching suits, silk scarves and T-shirts.

Vivian was joined by a host of other celebrities also dressed from the 2015 Spring/Summer collection. The VIPs included Qiqi, Eunis Chan, Almen Wong, Eileen Tung, Yeung Siu Kuen, Donna Chu, Olivia Davies, Mrs. Janice Choy, Mrs. Lianne Lam, Mrs. Diana Tse, Helen Ma, Maya Lin, Ann Ho, and Samantha Sun.

The city’s top stylist Alvin Goh, Ricky Kwok also attended the reception and were raving about the ESCADA x Thilo Westermann collection, especially the prints on the fine silk clothes. A good time was had by all and topped with a surprise gift for the VIPs from ESCADA x THILO WESETERMANN collection.


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