Benefit Cosmetics Opens at Stanley Plaza Hong Kong

Benefit boutique at StanleyPlaza 150312 A

Benefit boutique at StanleyPlaza 150312 B


It’s all about Prep, Prime, Perfect. High beam, “that gal”, stay don’t stray… and of course they’re real!  These are a few of the ever-quirky name of the products from Benefit Cosmetics.

In case you have not heard –  San Francisco-based Benefit Cosmetics will be opening its first boutique in the South side of Hong Kong, Stanley that is, on April 20, 2015, a new addition to 11 existing Benefit doors.   Benefit – the ultimate new bold and girly beauty destination for all beauty junkies under one roof. For gals who are after the sun-kissed look, the one and only tanning booth will hit the Stanley boutique this summer.

Located on the 2nd floor in Stanley Plaza, the new boutique delivers a dedicated shopping environment in the most Benefit’s signature style. The space is punctuated with elements of luxury that drive the evolution of Benefit’s look and feel, whether you are a “tai-tai” in your 50s, yummy mummy in your 30s, office ladies in your 20s or even teens, the new boutique provides a very clear visual service points including the brow bar, pretty room and the very delicate and girly vanity tables where products are on display.  Chandeliers, decorative ceiling tiles, pink wall decoration are of course the must haves in every Benefit boutique.

Benefit Brow Bar

Benefit Brow Bar is the Brow Authority across the beauty industry since founded in 1976. Brow Experts with professionals that are trained in the art of brow mapping (i.e. Benefit language, go find out yourself what this is), they are always ready to wax all your unwanted hair from your brow, lip, chin (price ranges from HK$160 – HK$260).

Pretty Room (aka Body Waxing)

Stay hair AND care free from the neck down with Benefit body waxing services in a private “Pretty Room”.  When it comes to silky smooth skin, we know we are the true expert.

Spray Tan

No time for a vacation this summer? The one and only Benefit Stanley Boutique in Hong Kong that offers spray tanning for a gorgeous looking glow. Stay tuned for more deets! (Services will be available in this summer)

Whether you are living in the neighborhood or you are bringing your cute puppy for a stroll alongside the Stanley Pomade, Benefit is a one stop that has all that you need to get ready for a date, trip to the day out or just an excuse to be inspired.

Meet our Stars

Yes we are the brow authority, but you must not forget the makeup! Be ready to fall in love with all the very famous fake-its, with the very Benefit creative packaging that is a little cheeky but also girly. The Stanley boutique boasts a wide variety of all essentials, including the UK No.1 best seller ‘they’re real!’ mascara, HK No. 1 best seller ‘the POREfessional’, the pore minimizing primer and hoola matt bronzer. Come and choose your fave!


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