DUKLING Historical Exhibition Opening at Times Square Hong Kong

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Following the salvation of the heritage junk DUKLING, the Hong Kong Icon DUKLING is set to return in 2015. As part of the celebration, “DUKLING Historical Exhibition" will be held from April 21 to May 11 at Times Square Open Piazza. Themed “Sail with a Hong Kong HEART – The Hong Kong ICON", the exhibition will be showcasing the history of this antique Chinese junk. The “DUKLING Historical Exhibition" is jointly presented by DUKLING, Go Fun Care Project, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong Collectors Society and Hong Kong Times Square. Through showcasing the history of DUKLING, it is hoped to bring upon the valuable memories from Hong Kong people’s HEARTs and raise the public awareness of cultural heritage preservation.

The exhibition will showcase the newly made 3-m miniature of Dukling by the top national carpenter Master紀清, serving the public with sights into the boat model to learn about the structure and appearance of Dukling. Also, the historical miniature of Dukling made with the wood that is aged around 90 years old in the 1960s will also be showcased to reveal the tradition that a miniature would be crafted whenever there is a new boat made, considering the details in the crafting, the Dukling miniature is one carrying high historical value. Moreover, a few historical pieces of Dukling will also be there giving public a glimpse of its history as well as that of the Hong Kong society, which include the alarm bell made in 1955 which was to alert other boats in the same vicinity in bad weather to ensure safety; the helm which accompanied Dukling since it first sailed in 1955 and it will appear with shells lying on it for it accompanied the junk being sunk underwater during the 3 months; as well as the lifebuoy with shells too which was to safe guards every life that boarded on Dukling. These precious collectible items will be exhibited in the Maritime Museum afterwards. Furthermore, over 80 pieces of photos in regards to Dukling from the 50s to present will be displayed telling everyone the history of our place Hong Kong. And the exhibition will feature the masterpieces of four well-known mainland artists YIN Zhao-yang ,YIN Zhao-hui,YIN Zhao-yu and LI Ying with the theme of Dukling, blending art with history to inspire the concept of cultural heritage preservation.



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